Get involved

Remember – we’re at the very start of this project and lots more opportunities will become available as the months go by so check back regularly and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Join our first projects

  • Media Makers – Develop your media skills by becoming a trainee Media Maker working with the Rendezvous to find creative ways using video, social media and the written word to find out what people want and document the whole project online.  
  • Young Leaders – Develop your leadership skills by joining the Young Leaders Programme run by Gillingham Youth Club


  • Join the young people representing the Media Makers and the young leaders on the management committee as a skatepark representative, an independent or minority group (contact us here)
  • Apply to become our Young Communications & Projects Administrator

Take part

  • Sign up to a activity when  the programme is announced (late spring/early summer)
  • Attend our summer celebration – Saturday 31 July 2022 (save the date)

Tell us what you think

  • Complete our questionnaires to get your voice heard (coming soon)
  • Contact us directly with thoughts and ideas – email us via our contact page, phone, text, facebook or insta (they’re all coming soon)

Keep up to date

  • Sign up to our Instagram pages and keep up to do date with news