About us

What is Gillingham Youth Collective?

If you’re aged 11-19 then the Gillingham Youth Collective is for you.  Every year for five years, with funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, we will have a range of activities and events for you to take part in – for FREE.   

The project is a partnership between the Rendezvous and Gillingham Youth Club but we don’t know what the programme will look like – that is up to you.  We need you to tell us what you want to do so a group of young people and project leaders from Gillingham Youth Collective can decide how to make use of the funding we have to put on the events and activities that you want to enjoy. 

So whether it’s cooking or cosplay, football or flamenco, photography or parkour we need you to tell us what you think and get involved. 

How much you get involved is up to you – but we want to hear from everyone and for everyone to be involved in at least one thing! So what could you do?

Join our first projects

  • Develop your media skills by becoming a Media Maker working with the Rendezvous to find creative ways using video, social media and the written word to find out what people want and document the whole project using –  
  • Develop your leadership skills by joining the Young Leaders Programme run by Gillingham Youth Club

Take part

  • Sign up to a activity when the programme is announced (late spring/early summer)
  • Come along to a summer event – Saturday 23 July 2022


  • Join the young people representing the media maker and the young leaders on the management committee as a skatepark representative, an independent or minority group (contact us here)
  • Apply to become our Young Communications and Events Administrator

Tell us what you think

  • Complete our questionnaires to get your voice heard (coming soon)
  • Contact us directly with thoughts and ideas – send a message via our contact page or phone, text, facebook or insta (they’re all coming soon)

Keep up to date

  • Sign up to our Instagram pages and keep up to do date with news

And remember…

  • We’re at the very start of this project and lots more opportunities will become available as the months go by so check back regularly and if you’ve got a great idea and suggestion for an activity then please get in touch using the form below – we’d love to hear from YOU!

Looking for more info?

Our People, policies and organisation page explains why the Gillingham Youth Collective was set up and has information about the Rendezvous, Gillingham Youth Club and the partnership.

If you’re a parent or carer, teacher, creative or sportsperson or other professional working with young people, you will find the information you need on this page.