Media Makers 2

Media Maker | Vision mixer

Our second Media Makers group have been having loads of fun working with film makers to create their own newsreels, using a mix of location filming and multi-camera studio shoots.

Media Makers 2 | cake decoration for a news item
Media Makers 2 | TV studio in action
Media Makers 2 | getting to grips with green screen at Halloween

Everyone’s had the chance to try all aspects of production and then spend more time on the thing they like doing best which could be scripting, presenting in front of the camera, camera work, and directing or vision mixing.

Young people from our first Media Makers group who took part in the filmed consultation project in the summer have stayed on as Media Maker Leads to support those new to the project and the project leaders are really grateful to them for all the help they’re able to give.

We’re hoping to run community based themed taster workshops on Saturdays early next year so watch this space if you want to get involved.